Beach Bikers - BFFs

Channel: BFFs

It was a beautiful day outside and the girls decided the weather was perfect to go bike riding on the beach! They hopped out of bed and into their swimsuits to go strut there stuff. They all got matching blue bikes and sure were a spectacle to watch. Every single guy that passed by could not help but stare at their asses, and also their bubbly personalities. The girls were having so much fun that they needed to document this occasion. They picked out the cutest guy they could and had him be their snap star. After a while of gathering some good footage, the girls started to get bored. Our boy suggested maybe getting some sexy shots by the water and in the sand. The girls were down but got super bored quickly, and were also kind of tired. This guy stuck with them though and even offered to pay for their bikes. What a sweetie. They had to return the favor. They invited him back to their hotel room for a foursome! How lucky he was. He got to know these girls in ways their parents could never even imagine and wore each of their pussys out just as much as the baldest tire on the beach bikes. His cock was so pleased that he couldnt help but pop all over their pretty faces. Turns out this day at the beach was quite successful for everyone.