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Sex education is such an important thing to give to the youth. It shapes their path moving forward, allowing them to become responsible young adults who can make smart, informed decisions for themselves. And as we all learned in sex ed, the safest sex is no sex. But Harmony Wonder, Melody Parker, Natalie Brooks, and Xeena Mae have a weird idea of what celibacy is. They get together for their weekly celibacy meeting and instead of talking about keeping themselves pure, they strip naked and start sucking cock. HMMM. Whatever works, I guess? Our lucky studs let these pervs suck and fuck them into oblivion, two hoes for each bro. The girls tag team these thick devil sticks and lick up every drop of pregnancy potion these studs have to offer. Maybe they think keeping all the dick for themselves will help other girls practice celibacy? Who knows, but whatever their twisted logic is, we like it!