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Chanel is hyped for halloween this year, even going as far as to rename it chaneloween. She happens to be the lead bitch of her sorority too, and this year two lucky pledges will get a chance to bypass the entire process if they can truly prove themselves. Chanell sent out Lily Adams and Daisy Stone a special invite with some cute outfits to wear also. The girls were too excited. They showed up to the sorority house and things were a bit scarier than usual. Besides the lighting and decorations, Chanel had the girls sign a contract swearing them in as blood sisters forever. They signed without reading, then Chanel broke it to them that they basically just signed a deal with the devil. Chanel then brought out a masked pledge from the fraternity grabbing him by his dick. The final step before they were in was fucking this guy. She gave Daisy the cue to start sucking his dick and she did it without question. The girls then teamed up and all took turns sucking and riding his freshmen cock. After getting cummed on, the girls thought it was finally over and they were in. Turns out there was no way Chanel was allowing those mediocre bitches into the sorority. She filmed the whole ordeal and vowed to show it to the entire school too. What a mischievous little slut!