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Hot yoga just got a lot hotter with these 4 hotties who are best friends. They are headed into a hot yoga session with their instructor who asks why there is a cameraman with them. They inform the yoga master that he is just there to film and take some glamour shots of them doing hot yoga. The class begins and these 4 girls are in very sexy yoga pants, ones that look really good when a hot girl is wearing them and bending over. The camera is picking all of this up when one of the girls pulls one of the other girl’s pants down and starts kissing her perfectly round ass. The instructor starts protesting and asking the girls to stay focused on the class. They get back to doing poses, but eventually, one of them starts to notice Josh the cameraman is getting hot watching this action. So she starts to suck his dick. This attracts the other 3 girls over to also start sharing his cock. The lucky guy can say 4 women took turns sucking his dick and he has video evidence to support that this really happened. The yoga instructor is now furious with them for making a sexual mockery of yoga. They tell him he’s just jealous and needs to loosen up. Then they start seducing him too. His yoga might and will are broken by hot asses and tits. The yoga instructor and Josh both get fucked by 4 girls in a massive group sex orgy. Cum is splattered everywhere across these 4 hotties when it’s over!