My First Pledge - BFFs

Channel: BFFs

Everyone knows sorority girls are usually super bitches, and these girls are no exception, especially when its time to haze a new pledge. Shane comes from a super wealthy family, and is known to get around. These seasoned sorority bitches plan on exploiting her with every little piece of gossip they can find. As soon as she gets to the house, right away they start verbally abusing her, and bring the intimidation on strong. They blindfold her and make her finger their pussies, trying to guess which girl it is just by the taste. If she gets it wrong, shes getting slapped. After that, they begin to feed her some pussy. Shane doesnt know what to do or think, but she realizes it might be best to act strong and above this bullshit. Once she steps to the plate, she takes it like a real woman and embraces anything and everything these girls try to do to psych her out. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU SHANE!