Sexual Sleepover Shenanigans - BFFs

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It looks like Mollys stepbrother has been fucking around with them lately! He totally doesnt believe her, so Molly decides to film it so she has some proof. She gets some pretty funny footage, then decides to invite some of her besties over for a sleepover so they could get a laugh too. Sure enough, stepbro was parading around the house like a dumb idiot, and this time his cock was hanging out of his undies! The girls could not stop giggling, or thinking about how juicy it was Stepbro then took a break right next to them, and the girls wanted to see who was the bravest and would touch his peepee. Sure enough, one of them stepped to the plate and immediately ran away. These girls are so juvenile. They then go even further and decide to take advantage of this dummy by fucking him. Not even in his dreams could he get pussy this good, or conjure up a load of epic proportions like he did. We were really questioning if he was fucking around the entire time, but his little note at the end of the scene is sure to surprise!