Valentines Day - BFFs

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Cassidy and her friends were busy making a special treat for some special dudes on this Valentines day. One of them decided to pull out the camera to document the days events.If you havent noticed by now, these teen chefs were barely wearing anything under their aprons - so you know they had other plans in mind. After putting everything in the oven, and getting ass and titty slapped with flour, these sluts found out they had the same Valentines! Sharing is caring right?! They blindfolded him and had him taste test their muffins and cake! Get it? They took turns sucking his cock, alternating between his balls and shaft, before Cassidy jumped on the counter looking to get fucked by that fat cock! Her homegirl got in on the action too and got some meat on the side! In the end, Cassidy and her friends made sure to get all the frosting out of his tube and they shared it with eachother as well! Happy Valentines Day!