Weed Party - BFFs

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So, Carmen and her homegirls were ready to smoke some good good! They were rolling blunts, taking selfies and plotting where they were gonna go and who they were gonna scam on. After getting high as fuck, and some twerking, they hit up the town and wound up at a smoke shop of ALL places! But, that's where they found their stud for the night. He was a shy dude who had never smoked weed before, so they took it upon themselves to bring him back to the telly and get him high, and HARD, as hell! He had no idea what he was getting himself into but he got a clue as soon as they all started getting naked. This lucky dude got his dick sucked by two smoking hot sluts and then got to smash one and lick another's pussy at the same time. Then, all three of these chicks licked up all of his cum and burnt another one down.