Extra Credit - Dare Dorm

Channel: Dare Dorm

Here at Dare Dorm we have seen plenty of college students pull out the stops, but no videos have been centered around a holiday. Well, that was the case until the ballsy boys and girls submitted their Halloween-themed tape of spooky sexy conquests. These Sin City residents throw a raging dorm afterparty while still dressed in their costumes from earlier that night. On the roster are Mummies, Chippendales, Angels, Devils...sexy Pirates and Nurses, oh my. All it took was a few smooth moves from the main dude Mummy to kickstart a costumed orgy of epic proportions. You have never seen college kids decked out in costumes getting this down and dirty...and if you have, send me a tape of it. For now, bow to your leader of hedonistic Halloweens.