Sexy Shoot #10 (Part 1) - Real Girls Gone Bad


Meet Aubrey! She's 18!! This is her first shoot!!! Great persona, actually enjoyable, outgoing...and most significantly kinky as hell! It was Spring Break in Miami once we met her, she was standing in a queue along with her pals ready to get a drink, and we overheard her say she was going to do participate within the twerk competitors they have been having on South Beach in a while, so we needed to ask if she needed to shoot for us, and she or he was completely up for it - she additionally had a extremely scorching brunette pal along with her, who we additionally requested to shoot however sadly, she was just a little shy. In Part 1 - you will notice Aubrey strip and dance bare, unfold and pee - fairly a pleasant combine...issues warmth up within the subsequent elements ;-) *Aubrey has fairly an fascinating scar on her asshole lol - she was at a competition and tried climbing over a fence, and slipped - Ouch!!*