Halloween Scare - BFFs

Channel: BFFs

The girls show up to what was supposed to be the most poppin Halloween party of the year dressed as sexily as they possibly could be. They were all for sure getting some dick tonight. There was only one problem. The party was eerily empty. It looked like there was a rager but everyone just disappeared. Something was not right here. The girls decide to look around the house. No one was in site. They heard a faint cry from one of the benches. It was a hot young guy, and all he could say was zombies. The girls were terrified. They bring this guy inside, and it seems he knows the one and only way to make the zombies go away. The zombies are disgusted and eventually killed by sex pheromones. They need to start knocking boots if they want to save their city! You best believe these girls sucked some fat cock for the sake of humanity, and even rode that dick too. The girls basically begged for a facial so that no zombie would ever go near them ever, and they got it good. It was the best treat they ever got, and little did they know it was also the best trick. Zombies dont exist and if they did we highly doubt fucking a young stud would repel them away...