My First Girlfriend - BFFs

Channel: BFFs

Kelsey Kage was headed off to college. Her best friend Maddie Winters was going to come over to see her off. Kelsey low key had a crush on Maddie all her life. She wants to try and make something happen before she goes away. As they were chatting in Kelseys hot room, the girls took off their shirts, then things started to get real. Kelsey admitted her love for Maddie, and it turns out she also felt the same way. The girls began to kiss and fool around for a little then relocated to the other room. Kelsey's stepmom Alissa Avni got wind of what was going on with the girls. She was surprisingly not mad! She supported the girls and offered to teach them a few things. This ordeal turned into a freaky lesbian threeway where friendship meets family. It does not get much hotter than this!