Milk And Nookies - BFFs

Channel: BFFs

Ambitious babes Alina Belle, Natalie Porkman, and Tori Montana have dreams of being the girl scouts best sales team. But when all their cookie inventory falls victim to some serious spillage, the girls are up shits creek! They are super upset that they are going to lose the competition, and they are willing to do anything to get back into the race. Even if that means bending the rules a little bit. So, they come up with a crazy plan. They are going to distract their stingy neighbor just long enough to sneak into his place and steal a nice wad of cash. That way, they can still rack up the most profit and win the competition after all! Little do they know, this guy has a security camera set up, and he is no fool. He can tell the girls are up to something, and when he catches them in the act, he is totally pissed. There is no way they are going to talk their ways out of this one. They only have one course of action if they are going to get out without the cops getting involved. The girls put up their cute girl scout skirts and expose their pussies to their peeved neighbor. But when things start to heat up, Natalie chickens out and runs away. Regardless, the other two besties are down to cover their asses. They stay and get their fat donks smacked and their tight slits pounded in a sexy interracial threesome. Their neighbor takes out all his anger on them as he drills them from every angle while they play with each other’s juicy cunts. They hope that all this fucking will be enough to get him off their back, but just to make sure, they tease out a huge nut from the hung guy. Milk and nookies, anyone?