On Your Knees For The Trees - BFFs

Channel: BFFs

Gia and her friends are all about saving the Earth, going green and all that - so Earth Day is a BIG thing for them! Gia was really bummed to find out that her parents wanted to cut down a tree that they planted when they first moved into the house - a tree that she grew up with! Gia and her friends werent having that and when the guy got there to cut down the tree these friends banded together to stop that from happening! What they didnt expect was for the guy to be so attractive - so when talking to him didnt work Gia turned to something else. They flashed him their boobs and had him squeeze their supple plump tits before dropping to their knees and slowly unbuttoning his pants. Gia and her friend took turns with the cock in their mouths - passing it off to each other and smiling with each lick. Then these girls propped themselves up on the very tree that was getting chopped down and instead got plowed from behind by his other tool! After helping each other get fucked in various positions the woodsman finally spilt his seed all over Gias stomach and tits while her friends watched. Guess what? All their hard work paid off and the tree did not get chopped down this day!