The Babysitters Club - BFFs

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It's time for the weekly babysitter club pow-wow. All the girls get together for juice, cookies, and important agenda discussions! First up for today is client fees. It seems like most of the girls are on point, except for Roxxy. Shes having trouble with Mr. Dean, who just so happens to walk in as they bring this up. He goes on a rant about how Roxxy is always late, and not respecting all the rules. He threatens to do everything he can to shut down the babysitters club. The girls can not have this, so they quickly huddle to try and offer up a deal or solution. They come up with one month of free babysitting, but Mr. Dean is not having it. He heard Mr. Johnson got to fuck Roxxy, and hes more interested in that deal than anything else, so the girls have no choice but to get on their knees and start suckin to save the business! After a babysitter blowjob special, they think they have reconciled their debts. WRONG! Mr. Dean knows for a fact Mr. Johnson got way more than that. Kayla and Layla sacrifice their sweet teen pussies to save the club! Roxxy and Kirsten were there for moral support, but these girls didnt need it. They leisurely rode Mr. Dean and pleasured themselves like it was just another day on the job. Looks like the babysitters club is safe and sound... At least til the next girl starts fucking shit up.. LONG LIVE THE BABYSITTERS CLUB :)